Youth Leaders

The Next Generation in Environmental Conservation

With 54% of the population under the age of 20 and population growth of 18% in just the past six years, the youth of Madagascar are arguably the most important and influential cohort of the population that should be engaged now in terms of achieving sustainable development and biodiversity protection. C3 engages the youth and develops youth leaders in Madagascar through its immensely successful programme, the Junior Ecoguards, and its youth network, TANOMAFI.

An impactful programme formalised by the Ministry of Education.

C3’s Junior Ecoguards programme was born in 2009 from a collaboration with the Scout group of Antsiranana. The idea was to engage youth in outreach about environmental threats, challenges and solutions in remote communities of the north. This programme has now gone viral with the financial support of Tusk Trust and has grown into a formalised programme with the Ministry of Education. It has impacted over 120 schools, 35,000 students, over 200 school teachers, 100 government agencies, and 100 NGO staff, across 4 provinces. More than 2,000 youth are active members of the Junior Ecoguards.

We’re rolling out the programme across the entire coastal region of Madagascar over the coming years. Schools are provided with training and resource toolkits with IEC materials including films, storybooks, art materials, posters, ID guides, and a range of practical outdoor activities that teachers can engage their students in to aspire them in environmental leadership. We have created and distributed more than 100 Teacher Toolkits and have held annual Teacher Training fora to four regions: Diana, Sofia, Boeny, and Sava. Topics include biodiversity and sustainable development, climate change, leadership and entrepreneurship, and gender empowerment.

The Junior Ecoguards have won Wildlife Film awards, UN youth awards, and more recently, have been finalists in the Zayed Sustainability Award.

Their potential is limitless and we’re looking for new partners to help accelerate our scaling up of this programme from 2019-2022. Our Junior Ecoguard programme has actually increased the retention of secondary school students through to their final years and enabled students to go on to university study, with at least 50% girls benefitting from the transferable communication, leadership and organisational skills that the training imparts.

Schools are severely under-resourced, often with no toilet facilities, leaking roofs, one classroom for all school years, no furniture and schoolteachers going unpaid for up to six months. The school term was suspended due to political protests for almost half a year in 2018. C3’s programme therefore provides much appreciated continual support to students and teachers and keeps them motivated to keep studying and aspire to go on to further studies and careers.

A new youth network at the national level in Madagascar.

In 2019, C3 launched TANOMAFI (TANOra Mandray Andraikitra ho Fiarovana ny Tontolo Iainana), a national network that brings together the resources of hundreds of partners from government, NGOs, international agencies, local associations, civic organisations, and the private sector to support youth leaders in Madagascar.

In a vast country with many stakeholders, unawareness and reticence in sharing between organisations has led to much duplication of effort and wastage of limited conservation funding. TANOMAFI streamlines planning environmental activities, facilitates sharing of materials, and makes the most efficient use of communication materials for youth. The platform saves all participating organisations time and funds, which can then be channelled into their urgent conservation actions.

Furthermore, TANOMAFI links and inspires disparate youth groups across the country, accelerating youth-led actions at a massive scale around the country. Key themes include health, education, gender, leadership and entrepreneurship, environmental conservation, and climate change. Gender equality is paramount and our network comprises of at least 50% women and girls, many of whom are now community leaders.

From its founding by 20 NGOs, four educational authorities, and the Ministry of Education, TANOMAFI has grown to 58 members. TANOMAFI continues to increase membership to local associations and community-based organisations with an interest in environmental education. We will soon double the reach of the network to 100 participating organisations. The expansion of its platform and its capacity to share environmental education resources and activities is critical to coordinating environmental outreach in Madagascar.

For our youth programmes, we partner with Tusk Trust, the Ministry of Education, the Ministry of Environment and Fisheries, and various NGOs in the north of Madagascar.


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