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First Quarter 2023

Climate change mitigation and adaptive activities

Climate Change mitigation and adaptation activities has been the norm throughout the Pacific today as a means of survival. 

Community Centred Conservation (C3) Fiji managed to plant more than 23,000 saplings in a matter of nine months, something that has never been done before by any organization in Fiji. The trees vary from Native species which included hardwood plus local fruit and flowering trees. According to C3 Community Liaison Officer, Ms Talei Silibaravi, the choice of trees has two genuine components. “While we target on increasing the number of trees as carbon sequestration purposes, we are also re-establishing lost native trees from our communities, most of which hold authentic meaning to our tradition and culture”, echoed Ms Silibaravi.

The communities involved in Macuata were Naividamu, Raviravi, Niurua, Naqumu, Kavewa Island, Lakeba, Nabubu, Qaranivai, Lagi, the three villages on Kia Island plus our two communities from Cakaudrove, Sese and Baleyaganiga. Community members have displayed their appreciation for the great work as the program is something totally new to most of them. Masilina Sesenicagi of Ligau village on Kia Island has been part of the program from its initial stage which is the consultation phase. “This program opens our eyes to know and understand that the only solution to climate change is to plant a lot of trees”, she said. The mother of three housewife continued by saying that lot of vegetation loss is due to what humans incur on the environment. “Here on this small remote island of Kia, the loss of native trees was mainly caused by excessive deforestation and burning carried out over the years. This initiative has really opened our eyes to see how valuable trees are for our environment and our lives and especially for our future generation”.

Director Forestry Operations North, Maleli Nakasava applauded C3 and the work carried out so far in terms of reforestation. He appreciated the engagement of youths during the C3 funded Forest Guard training they facilitated, where two reps from 11 communities took part in. ‘We do not have enough staff but with the trained youths, they now have become our voices and our eyes everywhere, and the survivability rate of the native trees planted is higher than most reforestation projects we have come across, as a result of youth participation especially in the monitoring part”. Mr Nakasava added that with 12 years left to complete the 30 million tree planting government initiative, he has high hopes that C3 will gain more funding to conduct more successful reforestation projects in the near future.

Reef Rangers

With most of the children who have already completed their external examinations, our team has embarked on recruiting these children to be part of the Reef Rangers program. The purpose of this program is to engage these children to raise awareness on conservation and resource management, to be resilient and be a medium of change in a sustainable world. This is developed through participatory approaches where they are engaged in fun activities both in and outside the classrooms. 


LMMA Consultations

Key informant interviews are in progress to determine issues faced by our communities in the use of their resources and managing of their marine protected areas. Special focus is on traditional knowledge, trying to highlight local cultural management avenues both in existence and the outgoing ones and how they can be used or revived to assist in the general management of the resources. We are also in the process of revising their LMMA management plans to assist in enhancing and uplifting people’s concerns in the proper and sustainable management of their resources.


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