To All The Georges

c3 fiji

A good leader can be described in many ways- someone who is dedicated to making a difference in their community, gives sound advice and leads by example, someone who commits 110% to their designated tasks and responsibilities and works tirelessly towards long term goals or “the bigger picture” that not everyone can envision. Yes, these are certainly qualities of great leaders but in the conservation world and particularly at the grassroots level where life has its fair share of challenges and then some, project budgets are limited, resources are tight, results take time and volunteerism is necessary; visionaries of this calibre are few and far between.

We would like to pay tribute to all those exceptional people that we have been privileged to meet and know in this line of work, in particular a humble Fijian conservationist who was called to rest earlier this month. We met Jaoti (George) Vosamana 4 years ago on Kia Island- a community elder and leader who welcomed novel ideas and led the charge in volunteering his time to undertake conservation work. George was instrumental in setting up our C3 Fiji field office and Bure in Yaro village and gave his time freely as one of our pioneer Conservation Ambassadors to share his knowledge, participate in programme activities and learn new things about the environment on which he relied so heavily. He had a vision for a sustainable, self-reliant community to benefit his grandchildren and generations to come. A vision, that with the support of the Kian community, we will continue to strive towards despite his untimely absence.

To all the Georges in our local communities, the world over- Thank You For All You Do!