Scouts raise awareness of endangered species in Nosy Hara

We work closely with the Boy Scouts of Diego, in the north of Madagascar to increase local communities’ awareness about biodiversity protection by using interactive theatre and innovative ways to convey key messages.

This month, the  boy scouts performed sketches and a song in Ampasindava village. The aim of this work is to increase the local communities’ awareness about the need for the protection of marine biodiversity, in particular sea turtles, dugongs and sharks. The primary target audience was the pupils from the primary schools of Ampasindava and Mangaoka. The leader and four scouts organized and conducted the activities, based on training provided by C3 over the last couple of years.

During the evening event, the scouts performed two entertaining and humorous sketches including

Why killing sea turtles and collecting their eggs has drastically reduced wild populations of these endangered species


Why it is bad to cut down the mangroves.

The next afternoon, the scouts also performed several songs accompanied by two drums.  After the songs, C3 asked questions to the pupils to evaluate their understanding of the message. The pupils who responded correctly were given gifts such as copybook, pencils, pens or rulers.  The teachers were given files to acknowledge their help in motivating the pupils to attend the event.

This event was very successful, almost 100 pupils and several women attended. Through these entertaining and humorous activities, the objectives were clearly met and the audience left with a better understanding of the current conservation issues affecting their community.

Thanks to Tusk Trust, we are now able able to continue supporting these invaluable youth activities into 2013!