Scouts group wow communities with their songs and environmental passion

We work closely with the Boy Scouts of Diego, in the north of Madagascar. The aim of this collaborative partnership is to increase local communities’ awareness about biodiversity protection by using interactive theatre and innovative ways to convey key messages.

This quarter the scouts composed a funky informative song about the threats to hawksbill sea turtles and the emerging impact of climate change on their survival. The songs were engaging and atmospheric, sung around a campfire at night with local youth from the different villages who usually have little in the way of evening entertainment in a village with no electricity. In fact they won an international competition based on the quality of their song – watch them perform here.

During the campfire event, the scouts also performed four entertaining and humorous sketches covering various topics regarding conservation in the area. These included: community action for conservation, sustainable fisheries management, waste management, sea turtle and mangrove conservation.

Thanks to the invaluable support just announced by Tusk Trust we will be able to continue supporting these invaluable youth activities into 2013!