Rehabilitation of Salvacion school


BUSUANGA, Palawan – C3 Philippines has started with the rehabilitation of one of the buildings of Salvacion elementary school which was damaged after Typhoon Yolanda (international name Haiyan).

It has been more than six months since the super typhoon has ravaged the Philippines, and many municipalities are still struggling to deal with the after effects of the disaster. Busuanga, C3 Philippines’ project site, was the last municipality in the Philippines directly hit by  the super typhoon.

C3 Philippines has been carrying on with several rehabilitation projects, including the repair of two elementary classrooms and one pre-school/day care classroom, which are all housed under one of the school buildings. One of the rooms that C3 is restoring was formerly a classroom that had been converted into a storage room due to old age and lack of funding to upgrade its’ facilities.

While the students are still on their summer break, C3 hopes to get the major building work out of the way in time for the resumption of classes in early June. The repair of the classrooms and building is expected to last approximately six weeks. While other donors have promised their part in repairing the other buildings and classrooms, no other rehabilitation work for the Salvacion elementary school has started aside from C3.

Many thanks to our friends who donated to C3 Philippines to make this project possible!