Planning Busuanga’s future

The C3 Philippines Field Team recently participated in a series of workshops conducted by the Busuanga Municipality which aimed to consult stakeholders on the priorities of the legislative and executive local government units.

The series of workshops was led by Ms. Leny Escaro of the Department of Interior and Local Governance, and was conducted over a 3-day period from 30-31 July and 10 September 2013.

The workshop aimed to 1) Review and amend Busuanga’s mission-vision statement as needed; 2) Create a 3-year Executive-Legislative Agenda (ELA); and 3) Create a 6-year Comprehensive Development Plan (CDP).

The workshop began by assessing the current status of Busuanga Municipality through the standardized Local Government Performance Management System (LGPMS) in different areas of concern such as governance, economic services, social services and environmental management. Areas of need were then identified, as well as what their goals for improvement would be. Participants also listed down what projects needed to be done in order to meet these goals, set which projects would be prioritized, created timetables for these projects, and identified persons-in-charge and possible sources of funding.

C3 Philippines was then invited to give feedback on these priorities of the local government for the next 3-6 years. Areas of possible collaboration with the local government were also identified in order to strengthen coordination and Public-Private Partnership.


C3 ELA participation photo