Philippine Natives Trees for Forest Restoration



On August 28, 2014, C3 Philippines conducted “Training on Forest Restoration Using Native Trees” for the FPE project. The resource speakers were from University of Philippines-Los Baňos, Laguna and Energy Development Corporation (EDC): Mr. Malabrigo and Mr. De Guzman. They shared their knowledge and expertise on forest restoration and rehabilitation to the participants. The training was attended by 25 participants from farmers, fisherfolk, Women’s Association and local Barangay Officials from four partner Barangays of Busuanga.

The training discussed the important practice of using the right techniques and proper procedures. During the training they presented the native trees found in the Philippines and found only in Palawan.   Based on the presentation, the current status of trees are on the decline due to forest destruction. Forest destruction has brought about significant changes in the country’s ecology: soil erosion, siltation, hydrologic impairment, climatic change and extinction of species. Environmental degradation has continued to result in mass poverty and malnutrition.

C3 Philippines also joined the field assessment with Mr. Malabrigo and Mr. De Guzman in Sitio Lakdayan, Barangay Cheey and Chinibayan Mountain Range for Palawan Iron wood locally known as “Bungan / Mankono” (Xanthostemon speciosus). Documentation of the tree along the road to rocky mountain of Sitio Lakdayan was conducted. This species is listed as endangered in the Philippine threatened list of plants and found only in Palawan and nowhere else in the world.