Philippine dugongs – New article in Sirenews

We have just published this article entitled: ‘Harnessing Local Knowledge for Dugong Conservation in the Philippines’ in the latest issue of Sirenews.  The full issue is available on Sirenian International’s website.  The article describes our current work in Busuanga municipality where we are implementing a community-monitoring system for the local dugong population.  Dugongs feed exclusively on seagrass and so most of their habitat overlaps with the fishing grounds of local coastal people; for this reason, it is essential to fully integrate local communities into any dugong conservation initiative, particularly in developing countries.  We are lucky to have the full support of every coastal barangay in busuanga, the municipal government and the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development.  Thanks to the Prince Bernhard Nature Fund for funding our work!

Harnessing Local Knowledge for Dugong Conservation in the Philippines by C3publications