Partnership with UP for Community Development


BUSUANGA, Palawan – C3 Philippines has initiated a partnership with the University of the Philippines College of Social Work and Community Development (UP CSWCD) to implement community-based approaches to environmental projects. C3 Philippines signed a Memorandum of Understanding with UP CSWCD last 10 August 2015 in order to formalize the partnership. The program is part of the Department of Community Development’s undergraduate students’ Field Instruction Program, during their last year of schooling. Prof. Lenore Polotan-dela Cruz, one of the pioneers of community-based coastal resource management in the Philippines, will serve as the UP CSWCD faculty supervisor and Senior Programme Office Danica Lopez will be acting as the agency supervisor from C3 Philippines.

Last 18 August 2015, four UP CSWCD students were deployed to Busuanga Municipality to support our ongoing project to implement community-based approaches in ridge-to-reef projects, as supported by the New Zealand Embassy.

As part of the Field Instruction Program, the students will be undergoing community integration in the area in order to more adequately assess and ground truth the socio-economic status and cultural perceptions that may empower the community to make more informed decisions about natural resource management. They will also be mapping existing resource uses and social innovations in the partner communities, as part of both their curriculum and  C3 Philippines ongoing work. Lastly, the students aim to organize and enhance existing People’s Organizations (POs) in the area.

Our many thanks to the UP CSWCD, our partner communities and to the New Zealand Embassy for making this project partnership possible!