New C3 Effort Heralds Hope for Busuanga Mangroves

BUSUANGA, PHILIPPINES — The Philippine Tropical Forest Conservation Foundation (PTFCF) and C3 Philippines are working together to develop a program for a community-led conservation of mangroves and their related resources in barangays Sagrada and Bogtong in Busuanga Municipality, Palawan. The partnership aims to develop a conservation program and at the same time improve the economic condition of the communities.

Realizing the socioeconomic consequences of mangrove degradation, which can range from an increased risk of flooding to the loss of fish stocks for daily living of families living in the area, C3 and PTFCF combined their resources for the project. The project will include the conduct of socioeconomic and habitat evaluations in close collaboration with the local communities. The project also aims to come-up with good and effective management strategies for the mangrove forest of both barangays.

Through the project, PTFCF and C3 hope to help communities in their efforts to protect the environment of Busuanga while helping them find options for sustainable livelihood opportunities.

In the Philippines, mangroves play a critical role in the protection of coastlines from storms erosion and floods. They also purify water and are important feeding and nursery grounds for many fish species. The mangrove ecosystem is a very diverse one and is home to many birds, fish, mammals, crustaceans and other animals.

In a survey of mangrove forests conducted by the Palawan Council for Sustainable Development Staff (PCSDS) in 2003, it was found that the Sagrada and Bogtong mangrove forests were already in need of serious conservation and restoration efforts. The new mangrove initiative is the latest step forward in C3‘s work to conserve the rich biodiversity of Busuanga Island.