Migrant fishers in the Western Indian Ocean

Chris Poonian has been working on a really exciting collaborative project with Innocent Wanyonyi, Beatrice Crona and Sergio Rosendo, studing the socioeconomic effects of migrant fishers in the Western Indian Ocean.  Funded by a prestigious MASMA grant from WIOMSA, Chris has been responsible for the Comoros component of this work.

Governments and other authorities responsible for fisheries management in the region find it hard to develop pragmatic legislation when fishers regularly move across national and international boundaries.  We are working to fill in gaps in current knowledge to provide recommendations to these management bodies so that they can ensure a sustainable future for fisheries in their respective countries.  The final report of this work is available from Stockholm Resilience Centre; Beatrice and Sergio have written this great paper in Marine Policy  and we are in the process of putting together a number of other peer-reviewed papers.

Please contact Chris directly on chris@c-3.org.uk for more information about this work.

Comoros fishers