Hosting students from Hong Kong!


BUSUANGA, Palawan – C3 Philippines hosted two students Cathy Wong and Janet Wong from the Ocean Park Conservation Foundation Hong Kong – University Students Scholarship Programme (OPCFHK-USSP) Programme. The students interned with C3 Philippines who have been conducting dugong research funded by OPCFHK in the past year. Cathy and Janet stayed in Busuanga for two weeks and joined the field research team (Programme Officer Archie Espinosa and Programme Assistant Josefievienie Badang) in conducting boat-based observation surveys and rapid assessments of seagrass habitats. In total, they have conducted ten surveys and two seagrass habitat assessments with the field research team in Gutob Bay and Brgy. Buluang.

Cathy and Janet have also met local government officials who are partners of C3 Philippines in implementing many of our conservation and protection programs. The students stayed with C3’s partner local communities and lived with homestay families during the surveys in order to become more immersed with our partners on the ground and to familiarize themselves with the Filipino culture.

Thank you so much to OPCFHK for facilitating Cathy and Janet’s visit. We hope your stay was both enjoyable and educational!