Developing Alternative Livelihoods for Busuanga



BUSUANGA, Palawan – C3 Philippines is continuing the support for Busuanga after Typhoon Yolanda. Together with SMART Communications, a training session for carving artwork was conducted as an alternative source of livelihood last 28-29 May 2014.

The trainers, the BANGLOS Sculptors come from Quezon Province. They are ordinary individuals  made of both fisherfolk and farmers who were disaster-struck in 2004 due to typhoons, over-logging in local mountains and major flooding.  Helpless in the wake of such destruction, they were provided livelihood assistance post-disaster through a series of training sessions on how to turn driftwood into art pieces.  Today, the BANGLOS Sculptors pay it forward by helping other Filipinos rise from disasters, a situation which is all too familiar for them.

The training session was well attended with over 15 participants from 4 barangays in the municipality. This session will be the first in a series of trainings for the participants. Sets of carving tools and materials will be provided for the participants to encourage them to keep sculpting and honing their skills. Hopefully, they will soon get to exhibit their artwork alongside the BANGLOS Sculptors!

Many thanks again to SMART Communications and the BANGLOS Sculptors for their assistance and support to Busuanga in the aftermath of Typhoon Yolanda!