Community incentives for marine conservation in Madagascar

We have uncovered long-term community issues and obstacles to effective conservation action for the endangered marine biodiversity of Nosy Hara Marine Park. The communities here are desperately poor, leading to constant violation of park rules as they struggle to survive on a daily basis.  Alternative livelihoods, education improvement, and health facilities are urgent needs of the local communities in the village surrounding the Park. Only with appropriate socioeconomic benefits for conserving nature will they take sustainable action themselves and become empowered and interested in protecting their marine biodiversity long-term.

We are first working with the village of Ampasindava to collect additional data related to the project and to finalize paperwork.

We have consolidated the existing dina (traditional rules) in the area about the use of the marine biodiversity; gathered information about the education infrastructure, tuition fees and exam success as well as the needs of the wider community such as clean drinking water.

We signed an agreement with the doctor at the local CSB (Health Centre) to facilitate mothly visits from a midwife, based in Mangaoko village (about 7 Km far from the Ampasindava) to provide healthcare to pregnant women and infants. We also assisted the local youth association to register itself as a legal body.

Thanks to Future for Nature award we are have been able to launch this truly innovative community project which will benefit the remaining dugongs and sea turtles which seek refuge in the Nosy Hara Marine Park