C3 Philippines shares experiences in Dugong Awareness Campaign

OLANGGAPO CITY, PHILIPPINES, C3 Philippines Programme Coordinator, Mr. Reynante V. Ramilo shared C3’s experiences from our Dugong Awareness Campaign in the Islands of Palawan to the 64 participants of the 1st Philippine Marine Mammal Stranding Network National Symposium on October 9-11, 2013 held at Ocean Adventure, Olongapo City.  Our Dugong Awareness Campaign aims to accomplish two main impacts:

– increased dugong conservation awareness at the local and national level and enhanced partnership efforts

– pragmatic collaborative action for dugong conservation with various stakeholders


Rey’s  presentation also shared some lessons learned and challenges in  this work, specifically in bridging the gaps between local knowledge and science.

The Dugong Awareness Campaign is being implemented through numbers of activities such as Dugong online, Dugong Dive-in, Dugong calendar, posters, flyers and dugong mascot, Dugong Fishers and Dugong Youth and School visits.

Through these activities, we expect to increase awareness of and active participation in dugong conservation among the fishing communities of Palawan.

This program is in line with C3’s mission: “to develop conservation efforts worldwide by building the capacity of local individuals and institutions through grassroots research and training initiatives”. As an organization, C3 believes in the effectiveness of the local level, community based approach to remove barriers to attain sustainable development. C3 has worked in many countries and has gained significant professional experience in environmental conservation and intervention, particularly in the field areas of endangered species, conservation actions, capacity building, socio-economic studies and biodiversity mapping.

c3 philippines dugong meeting