Reef Rangers spreading the word

Located on the outskirts of the North-eastern part of Labasa town on Vanua Levu, Vuniika Primary School accommodates an interesting combination of students. Our very first engagement with a multi-racial school, Vuniika proudly caters for children of the Indian sugar cane sectors from Vuniika settlement, the Fijian village of Vuo and children of workers of Malau Sawmill.

Being the largest Primary School in our outreach encounters to date, planning for the event was quite a challenge for our small team. Nevertheless we pressed on and were warmly welcomed by the head teacher and staff of the school.

Our team managed the large numbers by organizing two separate interactive sessions for the lower and senior classes respectively. The feedback for the outreach event was fantastic as the students seemed to comprehend well the information being shared with them. Their inquisitive nature kept us on our toes answering many questions about the presentation on the Reef Rangers and our work on Kia and materials and information brought for display about the Great Sea Reef. Both staff and students were grateful for what they called “newfound knowledge” and invited the C3 team for more visits and interest for possible exchanges with the children of Kia in the future. We are grateful to the Kate Stokes Memorial Award for making Reef Rangers outreach events possible.