Reef rangers initiative replicated on the mainland

C3 Fiji

Earlier this month, the C3 team and Kia‘s Conservation Ambassadors travelled to the mainland to implement Reef Rangers sessions at Qumusea District School.

It was obvious that the kids were enjoying themselves, they all wanted to participate in the activity and it was good to see them thinking outside the box and responding to the questions asked to them about certain marine species. These were evidenced by the drawings and paintings in their activity.

The class also captivated the teachers because they found out that there was more to the marine ecosystem. Some of the teachers voiced their opinion on the fact that they came to know new and interesting things from listening to the classes. One teacher commented on how she now began to understand the importance of how we as humans are the major causes of the challenges facing the resources. Another teacher echoed the same sentiment and further said that he now realized how everything in the ocean has a special task to play for the health of the ocean at large.

We are so grateful to the Conservation Leadership Programme for their continued support for this work and in particular the Kate Stokes Memorial Award.