Climate change lessons on Kia

c3 fiji

Maleli Qera and the Kia Island Conservation Ambassadors recently worked with four teachers and over 60 primary school children on Kia Island to organize lessons on the effects of climate change in Pacific island communities.

The  lessons aimed to improve understanding of what climate change actually is and how it may affect the small island of Kia and the Great Sea Reef in the future.

The lessons were well-received and everyone had a great time, but most of all, the Conservation Ambassadors were proud of their role in the community as environmental educators and promoters of responsible management of natural resources.

The schoolteachers and wider community of Kia are grateful that their children are now being educated about the impacts of climate change from the young age of four and hope that this will help to secure a safe and prosperous future for their remote and tiny island!

We are grateful to Conservation International for providing training in Climate Change adaptation to all of  our staff in Fiji and the Kate Stokes Memorial Award for funding.