Addressing Coastal Erosion on Kia Island

Building on our previous work on climate change with the Reef Rangers, Maleli and the Conservation Ambassadors decided to work with the Reef Rangers to actually implement some practical action to guard against the future effects of climate change.

We decided to develop the efforts of the Ministry of Agriculture, who had planted vetiver grass back in 2010. This deep-rooted grass stabilizes coastlines and has been widely recommended as a community-based solution to coastal erosion.

The 2010 grass had now grown huge, so the team worked to use shoots from the existing clumps to replant the vetiver further along the coastline and increase its impact.

All the Kia Islanders were impressed with the Reef Rangers’ efforts, the village elders had noted that Yaro Village coastline had been eroded by over 100m just in the last 30 years.  We look forward to continuing our educational and practical activities with the Reef Rangers over the coming months.

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