Akosita Rokomate

Having grown up in the tropical South Pacific isles – an interaction and appreciation for nature and her provisions as a necessity for survival was preordained. My interest in the human side of conservation was first developed while pursuing a degree in field-orientated subjects: marine affairs and geography at the University of the South Pacific.

I worked closely with local communities and individuals who shared a wealth of traditional environmental knowledge from their daily interactions. This inspired and motivated me to join C3 – a unique grassroots focused organization where I have been serving as a Programme Coordinator for the Fiji and South Pacific Islands programme since 2010.

In my spare time I volunteer for the Econesian Society of which I am a co-founding and executive member. This youth orientated environment group works with young Pacific Island students at USP to build capacity and raise environmental awareness through activities and projects such as the Honor Fiji Journey.

I strongly believe that a holistic combination of traditional knowledge and modern science is the way to steer us forward in this new conservation era — a marriage between the best of the old and new.